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Welcome to the World Trade Center Istanbul’s website. This section is about the terms of visit and use of the website.

This website is hosted by World Trade Center Istanbul Yeşilköy Mah. Atatürk Cad. Hol 1 Blok No:5/2, İç Kapı No:1, Bakırköy, 34149 İstanbul – Türkiye. Information on the website of World Trade Center Istanbul (hereinafter referred to collectively or individually as “WTC Istanbul”), has been carefully curated. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is complete and accurate. WTC Istanbul does not assume liability for any errors that may occur in the content of this website.

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  1. Access to and use of this website is subject to the following principles and conditions.
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    1. The person using the Site is deemed to have accepted the "Terms of Use", which become valid from the moment of first use of the Site. WTC Istanbul reserves the right to change the "Terms of Use" at any time, provided that the changes are published online. It is the responsibility of the Site user to regularly follow the "Terms of Use" to be informed of changes published online in a timely manner. Anyone who continues to use the Site after the changes is deemed to have accepted the changes in the Terms of Use.
    1.  World Trade Center Istanbul works to make its site accessible 24/7. However, it is not responsible for the site not being accessible due to various reasons.
    1.  Although WTC Istanbul makes every effort to ensure that the information it provides to Website users is accurate, it does not give any express or implied warranty regarding the accuracy of the information. WTC Istanbul is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete information.

2. Disclaimers regarding Third Party Websites

2.1 This website contains hyperlinks to other websites operated by our tenants whose contents are not known to WTC Istanbul. WTC Istanbul only provides access to these sites and does not accept responsibility for their contents. Providing links to third party websites is for your convenience only. The statements on the linked sites are not made by us. We expressly have no affiliation with any of the contents of any third-party pages linked from our website. We accept no liability for any violation or violation of the applicable legal provisions on these pages by third parties.

2.2 The owners of these websites are entirely responsible for the content of the pages on the websites linked by hyperlink from WTC Istanbul's website, the products sold on these pages, and the delivery of the orders placed there.

2.3 WTC Istanbul accepts no responsibility for the violation or impairment of trademark law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights or personal rights on sites linked from the website by hyperlink.

2.4 This responsibility applies to all links displayed on the idtm.com.tr and ifm.com.tr websites and any website to which the user is directed by the link.

3. Cookie Usage

“Cookie” is software that can be sent to your computer. “Cookies” serve to collect and manage information about how our websites and services are used. If we send a "cookie" to your computer, it will not collect any data about you without your knowledge and consent. Until then, the “cookie” will only track general usage patterns and will not be used to identify you as an individual.

You can access detailed information about our cookie usage principles on our site at https://www.idtm.com.tr/kurumsal/kisisel-veri-guvenligi-politikasi-kvkk/cerez-politikasi-idtm.pdf.

Note: Due to ongoing technical innovations and changes in the relevant legal framework, it is necessary for us to make changes and/or corrections to the following Terms of Use from time to time. Therefore, we kindly request that you review these Terms of Use before each visit to this website and consider any changes and/or corrections to your account.